Solar Energy FAQ’s

Is Solar Energy a good choice for me?

The simple answer is: solar energy is for everyone!
While solar energy is a great way to greatly reduce your energy bill, your carbon footprint and provide your home with sustainable energy, there are always a few considerations that are important to consider before committing to a solar energy solution.
Therefore, our advice is that you contact us for a preliminary assessment.

How much can I save if I have solar energy?

Savings depend on a few factors:

  • Value of contracted KW and consumption pattern
  • Amount of energy consumed
  • Solar exposure of the house


Our consultants will be able to quickly assess the most important parameters and estimate the value of savings that will benefit

Does my home have adequate exposure to the sun to benefit from the use of solar energy?

The more direct the exposure the better! If you have a large roof with direct exposure, great!… however, it is not because it has shade during part of the day that makes it impossible to use this form of energy.
Modern solar panels can capture both direct and indirect solar energy.

A professional will be able to quickly assess existing orientation, slope and obstacles and determine the number of panels that can be accommodated for a solar energy solution.

How much will a solar energy solution cost?

The solar energy options are quite vast and there are multiple solutions available. There are incentive programs that you can take advantage of.

Plus, there are a variety of financing options available to make any system fit your budget.

When you contact us for a quote, we will be able to inform you of the discounts, incentives and financing options available.

5 Reasons to Invest in Solar Energy


It saves on the electricity bill, helps a lot by not polluting the planet by producing clean and renewable energy


The lifetime of a solar panel system is quite long, paying off the initial investment quickly.

Valuation of your property

It adds value to your property by adding features that are increasingly appreciated


Start saving from the 1st day of operation

Easy and minimal maintenance

As the board components are of high quality, this lessens the possibility of breakdowns and makes maintenance minimal.

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